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Also known as naked sandals, these fashion accessories are a combination of an anklet and a toe ring. They can be crafted from stone, beads, rope, silk, or linen. Some models are bold and colorful, while others have a simple design. Barefoot sandals offer a lightweight, minimalist alternative to sneakers. Heavy, over-padded footwear may cause back pain, knee injuries, shin splints, and general discomfort. Barefoot sandals are much safer and more comfortable.
This type of outdoor footwear can replace flip flops completely. It’s a great choice for men, women, and children who want to feel comfortable when they’re on the beach or by the pool. Barefoot sandals usually don’t have soles, but they do have superb colors and stunning decorations. Many people wear them as jewelry. Numerous designers have embraced this style and brought it into the spotlight. Barefoot sandals are worn by celebrities too.

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