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Tips for Wearing Barefoot Sandals

Many people wear these sandals at outdoor parties and luaus. This type of footwear is ideal for beach weddings, eliminating the cost and stress of finding matching shoes for each bridesmaid. Naked sandals are also worn by hippies who enjoy going barefoot. Many claim that these are the best shoes to walk around in all day, and some say they're ideal for jogging and even hiking.

Barefoot sandals are available in all shapes and sizes. Most models are designed for women and teen girls. They are great for long runs and hikes, mold to the feet perfectly, and look great with most outfits. This kind of footwear can be worn with a silk blouse and tailored pants, a printed tunic and shorts, a short cocktail dress, a white linen shirt and pants, or a tank top and denim shorts. Some women wear them with dresses, miniskirts, and even classic sportswear.

Naked sandals with ankle straps are very comfortable, especially for those who walk a lot. Due to their lightweight design, they can be stored in a small purse or in the pocket and carried from once place to another effortlessly. With dozens of lacing styles and sole colors, finding the perfect pair is easy. Some people make their own sandals using leather, beads, cloth, lace, and decorations.